Sunday, February 28, 2010

grab your tennis rackets

Jacques: The Sports Issue Trailer 1 from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

If you still haven't checked out this magazine here is a good chance to do it.For me the word porn takes does this magazine injustice.Let's just say it is an esthete's paradise of nudism.Real life girls photographed for real life people.Arousment for the brain with style.Some people find ''fashion porn'' a silly substitute of the real thing which lacks any kind of realism and tends to be as boring as hell not much unlike the over stylized cinematographic attempt by Tom Ford.Quite something like the sterility of a hospital room i guess. I find ''fashion porn' a silly term and think that if you would like to get ''dirty'' you can always check out the thousands of you porn imitations that are floating on the web.I guess i would never promote something like this here although it's something that could come hand y in other occasions.The bad thing about porn is the fact that it kind of destroys the cells responsible for imagination in your brain,in way that only watching tv for 24 hours in a roll can do.Here we are dealing with an attempt to create the same effect that Playboy magazine could have on people 30 years ago.By the way ,i was reading an article about the decline of the sometime legendary magazine because of the internet being the no1 supplier of soft or any other kind of porn.I really wish that 15 years from now i could have a pile of Jacques magazine's issues pilled in my room than a thousand files of of bad quality porn on my hard disk.Quite the same as collecting vinyl i guess.Well work for me.


Arthit said...

Will definitely pick up a copy in a Shinjuku bookshop.

David said...

You got taste mate!

Anonymous said...

lol, i like em stretchin