Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the lost weekend mix

This is my new mix that features some famous unknown songs from the 80's.Bands that were big,bands that should have been big,bands that should have been bigger and bands you should know and maybe you don't.Nice haircuts,loafer shoes,seaside weekends,make up for men,Expo 1985,Ibiza,Les Disques De Crepuscule,YMO,Paul Haig,Paninari,Italo,pop bands from Australia,Malcom McLaren,driving in my parents car,holiday postcards,Stock Aitken and Waterman,Nick Heyward.


Arthit said...

Sounds better than being stuck in an old curiosity shop. This mix is like an introduction to the unknown side of 80s music. Cloudy nostalgia.

chewie said...

Superb mix, you're a man after my own heart.