Monday, February 22, 2010

faded seaside glamour

Watching this video this afternoon i couldn't help but feeling a bit sentimental.The song is a pure beauty it's self but i had never come across the video.The footage from New Brighton is breathtaking.I kept wondering how can a place i have never visited trigger so many feelings of nostalgia.Watching the cars drive in the dusk of this small seaside city near Liverpool and the city light fade in the horizon over the rooftops makes me feel a part of me is there.Upon visiting Brighton a few years ago i had this weird feeling again.To be honest Brighton felt like a scenery that existed only in some kind of a movie set rather than a real place.Neglected hotels on the beach,fish and chips with mashed peas the ghost of Phil Daniels and taking photographs on the peer.I keep wondering how it would be like to grow up in a place like this.I guess the real success of a work of art either this is a song,a video or a photograph is to vaguely travel you in a new imaginary world that exits only for a while.I can't help but thinking why is people find it so hard see that the real beauty of life lies in simple things like listening to a song like this one and daydream.I guess the answer is the same to the question why bands like It's Immaterial never made it big.Nevertheless ''Song'' is such a beautiful record.This band could sound so British and so international at the same time and i believe this is one of the reasons that made them so unique.I guess that international feeling is what makes the sound so balearic to my ears,sitting on the same self along with bands like The Blue Nile.

As far as i can see the lights are down,an out of season look about the out of season look..


Arthit said...

Surely the recent Lake Heartbeat CD artwork is taking the inspirations from "Song". I also happen to find this nice blurp at the Mojo blog:

syneloi said...

Szczęśliwego tworzenia w Internecie życzy tobie Grzegorz

Arthit said...

Just playing "Song" two times in a row today. "...looking at the empty boarding houses and closed arcades". Lazy melancholic Sunday.