Friday, March 26, 2010

greek gods

When talking about people like Loukas Sideras it's hard to be objective.The drummer of Aphrodite's Child apart from hammering his drum kit like Hepeahestus was an all round musician that produced an amazing album (One Day) ,that is hilariously good and expensive at the moment,made a killer disco album with his girl Sigma Fay and a prog cosmic monster of an album that is Ypsilon's Metro Music Man.The only info i got about his latest whereabouts is that he enjoys playing pool in a bar somewhere in the center of Athens in an area called Exarheia.If you are after an autograph from one of the gods try looking for him there.

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Arthit said...

Should be Track 1 on the forthcoming "Dusty Balearic Epic volume 1". They don't make the music like this anymore.