Thursday, March 25, 2010


After a nice break in London where i got to relax,contemplate on life's beauty,meet special friends,dance,laugh my heart out,walk across the river,buy records and breathe fresh air,i'm back to my homecity with renewed strengths but a feeling i might have left something back.Anyway the trick is to make your life better wherever you are so i just try to make the best of it here with all the problems that might be in the way.Spring is always a good time for change and wearing a smile.The promise of summer and spending days by the sea is close enough,the sun is starting to make it's presence more than obvious, so it's reason enough to start celebrating.


Arthit said...

When i look into a vivid dusky sky, i want to have this played.

the saucer people said...

A great track by the long forgotten Mothmen...I noticed this track was included on the "Originals No.4" compilation on the 56 Claremont label. To be honest, I thought No.4 was a little more patchy than the previous three, but there are stand out tracks and this is definately one of them.

Interestingly, someone mentioned Adrian Sherwood in a previous post and the first album by the Mothmen was the second (if memory serves) release on his legendary "On-U-Sound" label. The band itself was pretty short lived and sprang out of the fallout of the Durutti Column when Vinni Reilly went "solo". They produced a couple of really cool albums before breaking up. I know a couple of them went on to join fellow Mancs Simply Red and tragically the main force behind the Mothmen, Dave Rowbotham was murdered in 1991 (The song 'Cowboy Dave' by the Happy Mondays is about him).

I highly recommend both albums, here is a link to the 1981 On-U-Sound album "Pay Attention"


Here is the link to their second and final 1982 album "One Black Dot" (maybe a reference to the small black LSD microdots doing the UK rounds in the early eighties) which was on the "Do It" label, created by Robin Scott of 'M' Pop Musik fame:


Given the kind of sounds you post on plaidmusic, I think you will really like hearing both albums, see what you think anyway.