Sunday, March 14, 2010

quiet a B beat mix

Mixing favorite tracks
beautiful moments/the sea and the sun/surprises/
wade in the water/high tide /heartbeats/hush/taboos/
radiant women/hot beach/departure /Buenos Eire's /
smiling faces/carnivals/got to get out of the heat......


quiet a B beat mix


Arturo I said...

This mix smells like springtime! delightfull!
btw. Can i have a full track list? i loved to find some gems founded on that mix, thank you

Mike said...


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plaidmusic said...


1.Gandalf - Departure
2.Bernd Kistenmacher & H.Grosskopf - beautiful moments
3.Irmin Schmidt - surprise
4.Topper Headon - Got to get out of this heat
5.Future Loop Foundation - The and the sun
6.Raplh De Blanc - Hush
7.Harvey Mandel - Wade in the water
8.Wishbone Ash - Heart beat
9.Batteaux - High tide
10.Santana - Taboo
11.Eberhard Schoener - Radiant Women
12.Interior - hot beach
13.Dead can dance - the Carnival is over(Ron Hindle -Buenos Eires)
14.Rare Earth - Smiling faces

Arthit said...

A bit slow on catching up at the moment. Enjoying this mix. Seems to carry several moods in one mix. I love hearing the transformation of creepiness/ dampness and morph into a pure tropical beauty.