Sunday, March 28, 2010

senza fine mix

Here's my new mix that includes
Balearic tracks for new age travellers.

senza fine mix


plaidmusic said...

1.smooth & cool
2.Bumrocks - look east
3.Kaoru Inoue - esc...
4.Le Club - un fait divers
5.Luca Battisti - qusto amore (Lexx edit)
6.The Cry - take it round again
7.Hey Negrita -One Mississippi (Chris Coco mix)
8.Force Of Nature - Quatic
9.Brainticket - rainbow
10.Chet Atkins - sunrise
11.Joe Thomas - Imaginary lover
12.Mikis Theodorakis -honest cop
13.Jon Anderson - amor real
14.Jean Yves Toubin - vous et moi
15.Tom Middleton - optimistic
16.Gino Paoli - senza fine

David said...

Christos - I think I'd only ever heard one of these tunes before - loved the mix - made me think I was actually sat with those homely ladies around the pool x

Arthit said...

Floaty but yet down to earth (Roma to be precise). Reminds me a bit of your previous "The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away But It Doesn't Matter Mix".