Sunday, May 24, 2009


I know this track has been blogged ages ago and has been hyped pretty much in the past by many others before me but after al this blog is not about getting there first.It's mostly a place we share our feelings after hearing a song.Well this one is so good that couldn't go without a post by any means.Last night Daniel Wang was playing in my ''town'' and the probably the finest moment of the night for me was this song.I was instantly hooked and only figured out it was a Japanese disco cut.Luckilly Daniel is a top dude that likes to share his knowledge with common
people like myself and gave me some info on this beauty.If the term japanese disco isn't enough to turn you on well the only thing left to do is download and immerse in this amazing track.Big sound,big production,amazing vocals,wailing guitars,saxophones screaming and possibly whatever you want in a disco track is here.


petros said...

j boogie rules ok!

plaid said...

arigato ;-)

Szandor said...

never heard this before. sick! big city sounds. love it.