Wednesday, May 20, 2009

purple brain

It's one of those great days were we get to do the promo work for one of our favourite labels.IGETRVNG is one of those labels that redefine the word eclectic.With people like Todd Terje,Lovefingers,JD Twitch,In Flagranti,Tim Sweeny,Jacques Renault,Greg Wilson and many others contributing their skills on it's releases and artwork that justifies the word art in any way,makes every release of the label a must for every discerning turntable.Next week IGETRVNG are launcing the 7th installment in their series of mixes.The new mix comes courtesy of two of your favourite Aussie dance weirdos aka Andre Bumrocks and Jason Evans from Hey Convict.The new mix is accompanied by a ultra limited pressing 7 inch that comes in purple vinyl.The release goes on official pre order in just one week from now on the 26th of May.Be sure to grab a copy as every release on IGETRVNG is always top self material and needless to say that it's highly collectable.Celebrating the pre release of RVNGMX7 you the people at IGETRVNG send us a stream of the mix to share it with you.Moreover we are offering you one of the tracks from the 7 inch that accompanies the official release.You can visit IGETRVNG on their page for any other info and keep in mind the date of the pre order which is on the 26th of May which means next Wednesday.

RVNGMX7:PURPLE BRAIN (link removed)

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