Sunday, May 24, 2009

deeper and deeper

Since is started off the days with a disco tune i thought it would be cool to post another disco gem.After all i think the genre is one of the most neglected here at our blog lately.This tune has been messing with my head for quire sometime now after hearing an edit of it under the name Deeper Beeper at the Rub and Tug show for Beats In Space.My guess is it could easily compete for the number in the C.O.M.B.I. re edit series.The original is quite a bomb it's self so it can keep you warm until that edit sees the light of day,if it does eventually.James Bradley's I'm IN Too Deep released on T.K Disco is one of those tracks that can blow the roof.It's a melodramatic disco stomper with a massive erotic crescendo that blows off of towards the end.I just can't wait to spin this record to a crowd!



Peter PleasureCruise said...

damn that pic is crazy. song's good too. lol!

Dreyk the Pirate said...

Ase mas re file!:P

antonykein said...

exw pathei plaka...akrivws to eidos p m!!!!!