Tuesday, May 12, 2009

huntleys and palmers

So it's that time of the season again to bring you another joint effort from us and some of our friends out there.This time we are teaming up with long time faves Fantastikoi Hxoi and Andrew Thomson from one of Glasgow's finest and most promising club nights ,Huntleys And Palmers.There will be the usual weird dance music with a hint of stilton cheese in there plus psychedelic bunnies fighting with Italian stallions.We hope to see you there to dance the night away with us.

Huntleys And Palmers Top 10:

1. Animal Collective - Taste 

2. Ghost Note - Holy Jungle (Mark E's Pressure Dub)

3. Petar Dundov - Oasis (Gavin Russom Remix) 

4. Findlay Brown -Teardrops In The Rain (LoveLee Remix)

5. Luca Baldini - Hooked (It's A Fine Line Remix)

6. Hardway Bros - A Diabolical Liberty

7. Poni Hoax – Images Of Sigrid (Chloe Remix) 

8. Moon Unit - Connections (Ewan Pearson's Slo NRG Remix)

9. DJ Hell - The Angst

10. Zomby - Rumours & Revelations


MONDOCO said...

Plaid, just read your post there where you mentioned that you were missing hearing from your readers.
Have to say i'm guilty too often for freeloading and very seldom ever comment on the 15 or so blogs i visit daily. Please accept my apologies, you've introduced me to a vast amount of music i'd have never heard otherwise. Your slowdive post around 2 months back made me aware of the band for first time, for that I have to thank you as I've since gone on to purchase 3of their albums- all thanks to your good self.

Thinking to myself it'd be nice to see you at somepoint, but highly doubted fact it would ever happen due to fact your in greece, im in scotland. Then read just 2minutes ago your playing less than ten miles from my house this very friday? What are the chances, finally i'll be able to witness you dj'ing and say thanks for the tracks and chat you share.
Just my luck though that I'm flying to New York tomorrow morning for long weekend. What are the chances!?

Some other time mate, respect, keep up the good work. Mondo

MONDOCO said...

on second look, i see your infact not playing glasgow. which is probably a blessing as i'd have missed it. Hopfully you'll play one day though- i look forward to it!

plaid said...

well it seems as if though we can make Glasgow someday!thanks for your kind comments