Tuesday, May 12, 2009

italian muscle

In the extreme and unlikely event of where all Italo records should be recycled for unknown reasons and i had to choose one to be saved from the genocide then it would be this one.''Probably the most effective Italo tune ever,this baby can set fire on any dancefloor in no time.Produced by probably my favourite producers of the Italo era,responsible also for the tracks that consist the dream team of Italo music which are of course BWH-Stop and Blackway's New Life.If Italo Disco was an Olympic Game then these three tracks would definitely be the three ones to get the all the medals.It simply doesn't get any better than this!

Mr Master - dog in the night


Peter PleasureCruise said...

serious muscle! i just found out that flexx re released the instramental on 12" recently!!!

plaid said...

got to get it!the original is a money burner!