Friday, May 1, 2009

new life

Probably this must be the most psyched out record ever to be produced in the Italo disco era.Futuristic ,weird,dark or whatever you want to call it this piece of music is overflowing with a feeling like it has been produced out of this world.Vocoder vocals,crazy effects in the background like water running in a glass,glass shattering,a woman screaming,bells chiming..It doesn't get any better than this.If you are looking for one record to invest some money on well you found it.The problem is you have to put your hand a bit deep in your pockets as this baby can go up to 400 euro.This is the living prof that Italo isn't all about badly arranged cheesy electro pop songs from Italy with a kitschy twist.

Blackway - new life

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DYNAMONS said...

o tipos pu efthinetai gia to new life paizei meta apo tosa xronia live sto londino ton ioulio se ena mini fest pu onomazetai magic waves