Sunday, May 17, 2009

summer house mix

Tomorrow Plaidmusic is celebrating it's first birthday.It's hard to believe it's been a year since we started this blog and to be honest i never expected it to get this far.I think that it's a reason enough to celebrate so starting off with this mix we are setting off the festivities.There is going to be more stuff posted tomorrow so for the time being enjoy this new mix i made.Summer is in the way and i tried to make a mix that sets along with the mood.The photo is from a friend's summer cabin which could be the best place to start off this summer.


A Driver Under Influence said...

yes! push the summer on!

maybe you could include track index markers or something on the files!
thus it would be easier to burn on a cd for us drivers to listen to!

plaid said...

i always enjoy mixes to attract trainspotters so i just leave the mix without a playlist for some days.i will post it in a few days.


enmalcastellano said...

Happy Birthday! Keep on the good job.

Many greetings and thanks from Madrid.

La Chips said...

you mix is awesome, i discovered your blog a while ago and it's up there in my rss feeds with 20jfg, allez allez, etc
i'll try to send you a mix someday, it would be a honor to be posted up here !!
happy birthday man !
cheers form paris