Sunday, October 26, 2008

two light ales please...

Meat is murder brilliantly embraced funk,pop,folk,psychedelia
and ever touches of heavy metal to maximize its appeal.
The clarity of production and noticeable improvement in Morrissey's
vocal style immediately impressed.
The real key to the albums success however ,lay in the combined
contributions of all 4 members .
Rourke's lengthy funk interlude on "Barbarism starts at home"
brought an unexpected musical influence to the familiar Smiths sound,
while Joyce was given a freedom of expression all to frequently denied
on the first album.
Marr's timely development as a producer and arranger coincided with
an even keener appreciation op pop melody that always starling.
One of my favorite bands ever with a wonderful edit here from Allez Allez.

The Smiths - Barbarism starts at home (Allez edit)

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