Monday, October 27, 2008

So the time for our second coming is finally nearly upon us.Once again Yoga Bala is hosting our efforts for making obscure music into wannabe classics.After all i think that was our point in the first place.Trying to make people dance with music the normally wouldn't.In my most optimistic moments i even thought that we could make some people fall in love with those tunes,they we do, and then would everyone dance as a happy family.I never expected this thing going massive and judging from the amount of people that visit this blog in our homeland then i don't have reasons for being too happy.Guess what though.I'm not a person who gives up quite easily so in the next few months we will try and improve this blog in any way possible,starting with some new installments which are gonna be some interviews with people we like,articles about new records,and even more articles about whatever comes into our mind.Plus we are gonna make our parties more attracting with some guests that you are going to love.So i hope to see some of you this Saturday,exchange a smile and dance out hearts out like we did sometime ago at the same place.

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petros said...

ti agades k odaliskes einai aytoi re seis????