Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This picture was taken last year whilst driving on a british highway,somewhere on my way to Leeds.I was trying to find a picture for this post and i thought that this was appropriate because it causes feelings quite in the same way that the track that follows does.Last year London label This Is Not An Exit released a track called ''White Diamond" produced somewhere in California.If someone asked me to say some words about this record i would be quite in a tight spot.To be honest it's one record that's not intended only to hit your ears but your whole system.It's a record you gasp with every part of your emotions and leaves you wanting for more and more.It's not a piece of music you can just label or put under a genre.It just wouldn't do this record any justice calling it balearic,cosmic disco or whatever else comes in your mind.Close your eyes and have a listen and think of someone or something you love.Believe me it will make your day.If it doesn't then i don't know what will.Do your self a favour and go and buy this record.The only reason i posted it was beacause i wanted to share this feeling.If you do buy the record it comes with an epic version of the track by Prins Thomas that goes on and on and on and for 17 glorious minutes.Amazing amazing amazing.

Hatchback - white diamond original


cakes said...

i play the prins thomas mix at pretty much every gig i do. fucking stellar

Ctelblog said...

You've given this such a write up. I've been and bought it unheard. Hope it's a good as you say.