Sunday, October 12, 2008

get on the night train

This is the first part of todays reference to one of the most charismatic figures in the international music scene."He is a man that needed some lovin".Steve Winwood mainly through his band Traffic put out some reference jazz influenced rock material that leaned on the extroardinary music skills of his and his band.Moving ages forward from the Spencer Davies Group sound he evolved into a jazz rock zealot.His solo work wasn't that outsatanding or remarkable but his album Arc Of A Diver is winner LP.We have posted the track Spanish Dancer from that record on our blog sometime ago.This time my choice is another great track called Night Train.What is really interesting is Winwood's contribution to the prog supergroup Go which included Michael Shrieve and Klaus Schulze.If you think that Steve Winwood's is only about Gimme Some Lovin, or louzy 80's material like Higher Love,well you should have second thoughts and here is a good start.

Steve Winwood-Night Train

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