Tuesday, October 7, 2008

spaze iz the plaze

space is the place mixtape


1.eddie harris - space commercial
2.mike francis - survivor
3.odessa - polar interusion
4.gerry williams - gone
5.daniele patucchi - beyond the sky
6.the diaphanoids - whoops wrong planet
7.ken tabiasso - save the planet (Autobach edit)
8.fontan - early morning(version by Studio)
9.california music- california music
10.supermax - spooky
11.the time & space machine - buffalo roam
12.arthur russell - this is how we walk to the moon
13.jeff waybe - the artillerymen & the fighting machine
15.dogs of war - space conqueror

some of my favorite non dance records this month.

1 comment:

Henri Aleksi said...

diggin' the vibe here, great job!