Sunday, October 26, 2008

always good friends

A funky fusion classic from guitarist Wah Wah Watson -"Good friends"
His only album as a leader, despite countless appearances as a sideman
on 70s soul, jazz, and pop sessions! The album's got a really wonderful sort of west coast groove one that takes bits of spacey fusion, bassy funk, and mellower soul and wraps them up with a fresh and imaginative approach, not to mention plenty of wah wah work on guitar!
Players on the set are a superstar array of the best talents in Watson's field and include Bennie Maupin, Herbie Hancock, Dave Grusin, Joe Sample, and The Waters,
who sing vocals on a few cuts. The set includes the killer instrumental "Bubbles",
one of our favorite mellow grooves ever plus the tracks "Goo Goo Wah Wah", "My Love For You Comes & Goes", "Good Friends", "Love Ain't Somethin", and "Sunset Boulevard".

Waw Wah Watson - Good friends

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Gizmo and The Tottaly Stoned Gremlins on Acid Band said...

found an original copy for 5 euros in thesaloniki. someone shoud do an extended of Bubbles lol

it hurts when it ends