Monday, October 13, 2008


So here is Traffic following that Steve Winwood post.I know most of you must be feeling quite bored with all this rock material we are posting on the blog lately, but i think it would be a good installment to take a futher look into some neglected masterpieces that surely can take down most of the new disco,new balearic or new whatever releases that sell like hotcakes this time of the year.Traffic were a band that produced some amazing records but never made a succesful single.Most of their LP are filled with top qualityt tracks like the one im posting today.Their mixture of jazz and rock was an unbeatble combination that produced classic albums like their self titled second LP,the outstanding John Barleycorn Must Die,The live LP On The Road(considered to be one of the best LP's ever), or even their last output as a band called When The Eagle Flies which qualifies for the rather overused term cosmic.Maybe they are not your standard dance along group but who said music is all about dancing.

Traffic-Dream Gerrad

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