Tuesday, April 14, 2009

slow motion night

It's been ages since i last posted on this blog.Well the reason is i upgraded to a mac platform recently and i'm still in the process of transfering my files from my old PC.It ain't easy moving from the stone age to the the space age you know!Today i started listening to some music on my new Mac and this was one of the first tracks to pop up on my player.So i decided it would be good luck to start posting again with this one.It's a Cerrone production that oozes with that sensual slow motion disco feeling that makes it a perfect for a late night drive in an open car drive by the sea.

Cristal - la nuit pour nous


Peter PleasureCruise said...

congrats on the Mac! such a difference...

killer track btw.

plaid said...

they say that once you mac you never go back..he he.the track is great but i need a convertible car with it.