Wednesday, April 22, 2009

all things italian

I can vaguely recollect me stupidly promising that i would not post anymore Italian tracks on this blog.Well that was some days ago and since then many things have changed.Me and Vags decided we should host a little italo disco fiesta on the blog since we never got to post our favourite italo tracks here.Sparsely we have posted a track or two but we thought we should make this the proper way.Serge Santiago had a nice Italo All Time Top Ten on Fact magazine some time ago so that was kind of an inspiration for us to fool around with tracks we like.The selections are not intended to represent a top ten list but some random selections that come in mind.Kicking off this italian fiesta is Bob Stalton with his classic Starknight.This is one of those records that can show you simply but effectively what Italo is all about.Quite in the same way the GTO pictured above does.Simply but effectively..

Bob Stalton - starknight

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