Friday, April 24, 2009

flash in the night mix

Looking back over the blog i discovered that i haven't posted a mix in ages,so last night i decided to throw down some tunes and put them together.The truth is that after that long time of mixing dryness i got a bit carried away and forgot about time.The result was that i ended up with a 2 hour mix of sheer fun.Nor sophisticated nor complicated this is a mix that tries to capture the the fun of playing live for a crowd.Hope you like it.

1.Raydio-More Than One Way To Love A Woman
2.La Flavour-When The Whistle Blows
3.Loud E-Oceans Of Loud
4.Pink Project-Disco Project
5.Macho Wizard
6.Serge Gainsbourg-Love On The Beat
7.Sarah Dash- Low Down Dirty Rhythm-Kinky Afro Edit
8.Lindstrom feat. Solale-Let's Practice
9.Alan Vs Gary-Hedford Vachal
10.Trilogy-Not Love(instrumental)
11.Lovelock-Maybe Tonight
12.Capracapra-King Of The Witches-Rub And Tug Mix
13.Secret Service-A Flash In The Night-Peter Visti Edit
14.Rhetta Hughes-Angel Man-Beat Broker Edit
15.Bottin-No Static
16.M.A.W. Electronic-Body
17.RIS-Love n Music
18.Egotrya-Volcano-The Revolving Eyes Mix
19.Lindstrom feat. Solale-Baby I Can't Stop-Aeroplane Dub Mix
20.Blackbelt Andersen-Kuk Av Stal
21.Jacksons-Living Together-Ron Hardy Tribute Edit


DYNAMONS said...

pou iparxei einai afto to beat broker edit??exw to palio 12'' alla afto to edit prwti fora to akuw

plaid said...

Kinky Afro Disc Jockeys said...

thank you File!

plaid said...

cheers!great edit file!