Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Italo disease

There is not much information to find about Vivien Vee.
The Story was that she was from the USA,
but living in Italy as a daughter of a diplomat.

"Give Me A Break" (Banana Records) was
a smash discoteque hit in the States and Europe.
Persons involved on this product were
Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo.

In early 70's Simonetti used to go to one of the famous
discotheques called 'EASY GOING' in Rome.
There he met the resident Dj Paul Micioni,and together
with Giancarlo Meo ,they made productions
like the EASY GOING albums.In the same club Claudio

hardcore Italo Disco.

Vivien Vee - Blue disease

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Very cool , thank you very much.