Wednesday, April 1, 2009

crowd control mix

brand new mix..for me- to you.
I hope you'll enjoy it

1.Atmosfear - Too spaced out (Francois K. Ambient Mix)
2.Stranger - Over and under
3.Triangle Orchestra - At 137 (with dub effect)
4.Chichen Lips - He not it
5.Extended Family - Ulysses - Crowd control mix
6.2020 Soundsystem - The Chase
7.Daniel Wang - To hold you again
8.Meco - Moondancer
9.Ray Martinez -Lady of the night
10.Kelley Polar - The rooms in my house have many parties
11.Amplified Orchestra - Lets have a ball
12.Peter Brown (love is just)The game (Jellybean mix)



Henri Aleksi said...

seriously dug the 11th track, had to get off my chair and bust a few moves. care to tell who's it by?

plaid said...

"Let's Have A Ball" is a re-edited version of "something special" by Steve Harvey. In the same 12'inch
you can have a re-edited version of "On The Moon" by Charlie Mike Sierra and a re-edited version of "Astéroïde" by Joël Fajerman and Jan Yrssen.

Henri Aleksi said...

just listened that amplified 12" through somewhere and went "no - that's not it..." thanks for straightening me out there.

DYNAMONS said...

almost everything by amplified orchestra gear rocks .. i also love that kelley polar track .. nice one