Wednesday, April 29, 2009

crimea x

It's always nice promoting new stuff for friends on our blog and this new project is no exception to the rule.Keeping the Italian vibe alive we are hosting the new balearic oriented project of Luca who is widely known as his amazing productions under the Ajello and Supersonic Lovers aliases.This time with the Crimea X project he is slowing down the pace creating some spacey balearic house gems like October that sound really promising.You can listen more stuff from Crimea x on their Myspace page.Here is a great a great mix Luca contributed to our blog.And if that is not enough,as a last bonus you get two edits from Crimea X so you can keep smiling.

01.Tangerine Dream - Kiew Mission 
02.Vangelis - Let It Happen 
03.David Thomas & The Pedestrians - Crickets In The Flats (Wrong Speed) 
04.Magical Ring - Black Safari 
05.Moon Birds - Supernova 
06.Riuichi Sakamoto - Garden Of Poppies 
07.Crimea X - 10 P.M. (Original) 
08.Talking Heads - Seen And Not Seen 
09.Tom Ware - Chinatown 
10.Clara Mondshine - O Queen Of Saba (Crimea X Re-Edit) 
11.The Clash - The Cool Out 
12.Chris & Cosey - Driving Blind (Crimea X Re-Edit) 
13.Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk 
14.Peter Green - Slaybo Day 

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