Thursday, February 19, 2009

western roots

With a first look you can't really find any obvious connection between spaghetti westerns,Casablanca and bananas.Still there is a thing that connects all three of them.Roots were an Italian band that produced an LP for the French label Carrere."What are you doing in Casablanca'' is a killer disco record with overflowing sense of humour much in the same vein of the Savannah Band.With tracks like Sheriff's Horse this record worths every penny as the original press on Derby records can go up to 60 euros.Needless to say that if you find a copy lying around in some second hand store you should consider your self a very lucky bastard.

ROOTS -Sheriff's Horse

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Anonymous said...

I am so curious about this album.Would you be posting the rest of these songs from the lp? Thanks!!