Friday, February 27, 2009

the other side of lindstrom

First time i heard Slow Supreme (Lindstrom)-Granada
was from a mixed compilation by Jori Hulkkonen called
Helsinki sessions vol 2. back in 2000.
Then some years later i remember browsing Keep on magazine
and i notice somewhere that Harvey is going to make a remix
for Lindstrom's "music (in my mind)
That really blown my mind.Hans is truly one of my favorite
heroes and finally tonight
I'm gonna see him playing his music live. :)

So... i just did a quick mix playing some tracks
by him under the names of Slow & Local
Maria Suntan, Six Cups Of Rebel, Slow Supreme

1.kontroll (the organ grinders breakdown)
2.arp she said
3.violent group (disco version)
5.mye moro
6.crazy B (lang diskoversjon)
7.deep & dozen tea
10.queen of the night
11.kull kenedy
12.latin Hollywood
13.all the way down (we love esther)

The other side of Lindstrom mix


stephen said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks.

La Chips said...

thanks so much for those tracks.
i need to buy those records, so many beautiful tracks.
you maid my day mister plaid !!