Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunday blues

Although this track has been posted before on a couple of other blogs,i thought that it deserved one more more mention here for those who didn't catch it's magic in the first place.Sundays afternoons always carried this deep melancholy,a blurry mixture of childhood memories,family lunches and the taste of alcohol from Saturday partying still lingering in your mouth.Auntie Aviator is a song by folk troubadour John Martyn and his wife Beverley coming out from their Road To ruin LP release in 1971.It's a song about flying high on the wings of love and never wanting to come down and although this alone could be enough to make it a ''happy'' song its' rather a deep melancholic elegy that brings shivers down your spine.Not your usual disco treat but after all who said this blog is all about disco.When i first started this blog i didn't have a any idea where we were going .It was just a flash in my mind while sitting in front of my PC on a Sunday evening.It was more of way of getting our thoughts out there.Music is a simple and effective way to get your felling across.I hope that some of you are getting the message.This goes out to my friend Henri from Finland who is puzzled with his blogging adventures.Being original is all that matters.As Mama Cass used to say on "'Make your own kind of music'' ,''sing your own special song even if nobody else sings along''.I'm really happy that all this time we have been running this blog we got in touch with many people and exchanged music,views and ideas on music or life.Another friend we made through this blog is KennyWisdom from Keyboardmasher which is one of our top sites and a long time inspiration.This week we are very happy to be the special guests on Kenny's page selecting some tunes so drop by and have a look.

John and Beverley Martyn - Auntie aviator

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