Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my legendary girlfriend

No one could ever pull out a Sex Pistols t- shirt with a red blazer combination and look so good in them as Lizzy Mercier did.Queen of cool,Afro funk protege,punk model,no wave pioneer,disco junkie whatever the case is,Lizzy was all of those mentioned.Influenced heavily by the African continent and it's heritage Lizzy Mercier was one of the key figures in the early no wave movement,was a friend of Patti Smith and Richard Hell,got her second album to be produced by keyboard maestro Wally Badarou and recorded a song with legend trumpeter Chet Baker.Quite a lot of achievements for one lifetime, don't you think?''This post is a small tribute to a beatiful girl that was a true music pioneer.Dying suddenly in 2004 at 48 years of age,Lizzy Merceir remains a true iconic figure that influenced many to come after her.Fire'' was the first single she ever produced and is a frenetic punky disco take on Arthur Brown's original.Class.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - fire

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