Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jesus-Manson look

"Rule number one as a deejay is to never listen to what your friends say. Actually, that’s rule number two; rule number one is, Don’t be drunk when you spin. No, wait, that’s rule number three—rule number one is, Don’t leave your records in a car, ever!"

I’m just guided by the force. It’s a pretty simple process. I just look through my records as the one before is playing and decide which one to play next. I guess that would be my main skill—just figuring out what the next record to play is.

Beyond that, I suppose I tend to play records that a lot of people don’t know, and the end result is that I’m providing people with a mood or a feeling rather than just a list of songs that they like. And that’s kind of what deejaying is all about, right?

Harvey Basset's choice


cim - shift


Anonymous said...

harvey is one of those geniuses that come a dime a dozen.

good lookin' out dude. i've followed this blog for a year or so and it's class A material all the time. good work dude. i snagged the kurt hauenstein joint for my own blog btw (but noone follows that one anyway, hope you don't dissapprove). good edits also, i try to do some of my own, but...ah, i don't know...if you wanna check 'em out i got a myspace page for that, and my blog is located at


Anonymous said...

good shit! harvey is a demi-god.

i follow this blog intensly, and i snagged the kurt-joint to my own blog, mind.

also props on the edits, i try to make my own. but i don't know. mostly on my own native stuff (swedish), that tend to get the international heads wondering. have some at if you wanna peep it!

peace man and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

ps. sorry for the double, or actually triple post. i'm tipsy now and didn't realise that it's a approve-comments-kinda-posting system. sorry! ds.

Szandor said...