Friday, February 6, 2009

save marsius

This picture must be without a doubt the worst picture to be posted on this blog.In fact it's so bad that makes me think that you wouldn't' bother reading this post any further.Believe it or not this handsome gentleman that could be selling fake Rolex watches on your local beach is the man that provided the vocals to one of the definitive gay disco anthems of all time,that being Macho's I'm A Man.Not that much of an ideal man i guess, but this guy with a need for chest waxing and a poor taste in hats produced two amazing space disco albums that defined the sound of early italo disco.Even though his most known work is the LP ''Save The Tiger'' the real winner is his second LP under the name Marzio,called ''Smoke On The Volcano'' with tracks like Volcano and the more laidback ''Phantom Of The Opera''.I'll end today's post with this track that can easily convince you that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Marzio - phantom of the opera


Anonymous said...

Great track!! This sounds even better if it's pitched at a higher tempo.Thanks

Evan said...

HEY- i love this song!! anyway you could post the full LP? Would be real real grateful!

the saucer people said...

I think I have been asked and in turn asked about the Marzio 'Smoke On The Volcano' more than any other record in the last year and its astonishing that no-one has put a rip of the album on the interweb yet.....see where I am going with this!

Is there anything you are looking for artists/labels/genres/time periods that you would be willing to swap a rip of Marzio for...maybe we can do business?!?