Monday, June 9, 2008

Saint Etienne - Pale Movie

So this Saint Etienne again.Its hard to choose only one song from this band.They are like a balearic band without being balearic at all.Well in my head they are.So many songs of theirs have this certain feeling i consider balearic.Junk the morgue,Stoned to say the least,People get real,Hug my soul,Join our club,cool kids of death(underworld mix) to think of a few.And last but not least my ''Pale Movie".Apart from the spanish guitar on the song,the video for the song was shot somewhere in Spain Marbella or something..Its so cosmopolitan and Sarah Cracknel looks divine.First time i saw this video i was stunned.They became my one of my favourite bands from that moment.I was just 14 years old.Later i found out i had a mixtape with "Pale movie" on it. at that time.The next song was Atlantic Oceans "Waterfal".Maybe another potential Balearic classic.Who knows..

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