Thursday, June 12, 2008

late night session

Since there was nothin good to watch on tv tonight i got together some tracks and made a rough mix with a stupid mp3 mixer..well its not that bad after all.have a listen.goodnight

Late night Mix

1.Frankie Knuckles-Whistle Song
2.The beloved-The sun Rising(zanzibar has risen mix)
3.Mr Fingers-Stars
4.Saint Etienne-junk the Morgue
5.Flash and the Pan-Midnight Man
6.Carl Craig-No more Words
7.Willie Colon-Set fire to me(latin jazzbo version)
8.Kraftwerk-House Phone
9.Jan Hammer-Crocket's Theme
10.Discodeine-Homo compatible
11.Lola-Wax The Van(john's dub)
12.Earons-Land of hunger(dub)
13.Chaka Khan-Ain't nobody(Frankie Knuckles Halluginocenic)

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