Tuesday, June 10, 2008

don't stop the dance

Bryan Ferry is the epitome cool.If i should find a word to describe him that would be sharp.Here he is in a kind of flamengo move dancing picture.Well what is he doing in Balearic month??Well a lot of people are gonna argue on what is balearic or not.You can read an interesting piece on balearic music in the blog site of the Guardian newspaper.So what is balearic and what is not?The thing is that here we are not trying to list every single track dj Alfredo played at Ibiza.It would be silly to do that.Its just a feeling.More like a cosmopolitan summer thing.It can be mainstream and it can be obscure.There is an interesting piece in this article i told you about that describes what happened to dj Terry Farley when he played Phil Collins' ''Two Hearts'' at a London club after hearing it in Ibiza.The truth is the crowd tried to mob him..So with the fear of getting mobbed we decide that one of todays track is Bryan Ferry with his amazing hit ''Don't Stop the Dance'' in a special 12'' mix.

Bryan Ferry-Don't Stop the Dance (s.o.s 12'' mix)

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Fred Astaire said...

Trelo thema!!!!!!