Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the age of reason

This track is by a guy called John Farnham.The only thing i know about this guy is that he is from Australia and that he is very succesful there.The other thing i know is that he had two minor hits in the 80's with You're the Voice and The Age of Reason.The second one is quite a winner so i thought i should give it a re-edit to make it sound a even better.So here is the result.

John Farnham-The Age of Reason-Crisis' re-edit


PAZ said...

Thats funny. We just posted this as Ransom has fixed this in his set and it freaks everyone out. It is from an album called Whispering Jack and is gay. But if you grew up during the 80's you know every lyric.

antonykein said...

From the day that we were born we've been heading
down a track
Sometime's it's made for good sometimes for bad
But if we look behind us there's a wave coming down
Carrying us forward to a new age

What about the world around us
How can we fail to see
And now that our fathers have gone
And we've been left to carry on
What about the age of reason

So why can't we be still why can't we love each other
Is kindness an ancient skill buried by our blindness
And if we look behind us there's a wind blowing in
To create the age of reason

If we consider carefully the options put before us
So much wisdom so much love so much waiting for us
And if we look ahead there's the sun and the seasons
Another day another age of reason