Saturday, June 14, 2008


Nothing to do with the dfa style disco boys ''Holy Ghost".Holy Ghost Inc. was an 90's electronic outfit which produced two quintessential pieces of leftfield deep house music.The first one being Mad Monks On Zinc.I think this track is one of the cornerstones of quality trance music.Even if you have never listened to it the first time it hits you it seems like you've heard it hundreds of times.The second classic of this outfit is Walk On air.A really obscure deep house track that cmae into surface with the realease of David Mancuso's The loft 2.This tune is an experience with no words to describe it.There is truly something divine about it.I used to open my sets with this track almost every time back in my djing days.Sit back relax and enjoy it.
Holy Ghost Inc.-Walking on Air(Sun and Moon Mix)

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