Thursday, March 5, 2009

where were you when the lights were out

Before i grew a beard and started listening to sophisticated disco i was just a simple kid that used to smile more and think less.It's weird to think that most of us eventually grew to be the creatures we always meant to be.Is that a good thing after all?I guess it is but certainly there is part of me that misses these nights where we just danced without thinking of what would become of us the next day.Even after so many years on from these days ,when i listen to songs like the one i'm posting today makes shivers run down my spine."The Shaker Song'' by the Playtime Toons is one of those classic ''north'' records that utilized a simplest piano riff to full effect.One of the classic records to be played at the Hacienda this is a track that is filled with memories and the nostalgia of an whole era.An era filled with naive paino riffs big smiles and neverending weekends.It makes me feel qutie lonely talking about these times.The only things that are left from my ''raving'' days are some flyers piled up in dusty boxes and a my record collection.Sadly i couldn't hold on to all to all the people that danced by my side back in "those" happy days.Most of them became victims of a society that demands sad people that just work and consume.It's hard to keep the child in you alive and kicking but it's worth the try.Life is so short to spend it living with conformity.Living in a time where depresion is featured as the only approach to life the rave movement and everything it stood up for might be a good point to start becoming optimistic again.Wear a ''smily'' on your face and dance to this amazing tune like there is no tomorrow.

Playtime Toons - the shaker song

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The Armchair Daddy said...

Touched a nerve there, you did.
I'm dancing, sans smiley, but at least I'm still dancing.