Sunday, March 22, 2009

harvey play

If you find yourself caught in a situation where a man hands you over a record and shouts with a slight japanese accent in your face ''harvey play'',then you are probably in a record shop in Tokyo or London and this guy shouting wants to sell you a record that has been played by DJ Harvey.I guess this alone should give you reason enough to buy the record.Recently i was joking with a friend over the way that people who work in record stores use DJ names to promote records in the way mentioned above.Harvey play,Soft Rocks play,Terje play you can use any name you want and the record will be selling like hotcakes in a minute.This has worked for this blog from time to time.We post a track and when it gets played form someone out there everybody goes nuts about it.It's really funny how many people are visiting this blog only for that Stars and Bars track after the Mark Seven Originals compilation was released.Hype is bigger than life.Well the track offered on this post is a Harvey play and since people believe the hype more than the truth itself i will leave you decide if this song is really worth it's hype or it's a bag of shit.Furniture were a London based band that explored art pop territories with a new wave hint making them sound like a lot like It's Immaterial or a Cherry Red band.Without further ado this is I Can't Crack in it's long version.Waiting on your verdict.

Furniture - i can't crack -BROKEN


Szandor said...

It has some cool moments. Dramatic would be a good way to describe it.
When i listen to music, the vibe has to touch a certain nerve in order for me to take the time to look for it and then buy it. Dont believe the hype. Think for yourself.

Peter PleasureCruise said...

doesn't live to "harvey hype" that's for certain. but not a piece of shit either. kinda lukewarm for me.

sbxusa said...

i could totally see harvey playing this, but that doesn't mean it would go over well on your average dancefloor. that being said, i fucking dig this track.

plaid said...

the truth is i go nuts over this track.i just wanted to see what people think without me praising it.and by the way harvey is the man that can play anything that comes in his mind and it will sound natural.not many djs can do that i guess.