Friday, March 6, 2009

slumdog disco

And what a movie that was!Last night i finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire which was one of the most anticipated movies of the season for me.Being a massive Danny Boyle fan i expected the best out of it and to be honest it didn't let me down at all.Danny Boyle always has a way to get an optimistic view on life through his films and this one is no exception.Since this is not a movie review site though i just suggest to go and see it yourself and i'll just leave you with a track from India's ultimate disco Queen to get you in that Bollywood mood.This is Asha Puthli with 1001 Nights Of Love,a spacey sensual trip with a real Indian feel to it.

Asha Puthli - 1001 nights of love


Anonymous said...

Great track!! thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Hey- thanks for all this! This so is REAL good, but i have a question about it.. the album is tagged "va space disco ist schon," is this a loud e comp? i have seem to find anything about it..

thanks again