Monday, March 16, 2009

i'm mad as hell and i can't take it anymore

It's hard to think that this phenomenal movie produced in 1976 could predict in such a dark and sinister way the shape of things to come.''The Network'' is a film that uses the most morbid colors to describe the power of the media over our lives.The use of media as a weapon of mass destruction is much more deadly than any other way of manipulation the world has known.Maybe even more powerful than religion itself.The ''tube'' is the only god humanity ever known.DIrector Sidney Lumet leaves no rays of light infiltrate this gloomy celluloid world he created.It's almost creepy to think how much relevant this film is to today's reality.We are living in world where the value of our personalities is trivial.Being self conscious is the only way of raising your voice over the giant wave of globalization that is storming all over the world like a giant tsunami.Do yourself a favour and watch this film.Then reach out to your window and shout ''I'm mad as hell and i can't take it anymore''.The revolution will not be televised.

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