Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't stop the robolove mix

1.House Of House - the rough half (don't stop)
2.Botany 5 - the only one in your love
3.Lexx - sirocco (slow mo)
4.Peter Brown - burning up (disco -x extended groove edit)
5.Jackson Jones - I feel good (put your pants on) Pilloski edit
6.Rolling Stones - dance (vocal)
7.Steve Winwood - penultimate zone
8.A Man Called Adam - Techno powers (harvey remix)
9.Essa - 2 With A Star (Road To Damascus Remix)
10.Muttranger - Sacramento Shuffle
11.Bam Bam - where is your child
12.Beloved - Your love takes me higher (The Pod Went Pop Mix)
13.Jaime Sagastibeltza Pejenaute - disco diamond
14.New Order - Fine time (Steve "Silk" Hurley Remix)
15.Maximilian Skiba - Apple of disco rd
16.Ganymed - Robot love

Don't stop the robolove mix

buy me a drink..


h. said...

make your way around here and i'll buy you one for the opening track and another for the beloved tune.

Anonymous said...

Great mix!!!

Peter PleasureCruise said...

just got around to listening to this vags - nice nice nice.