Saturday, January 23, 2010

this is a page from my diary

It's a fact that the last week was quite a busy one so this is the reason for the lack of posts.I'm sorry about that but i promise i will try and make up for that within the next days.At least there was Dr Rob's amazing mix to keep you company while i was not around.This is some exquisite northern pop from one of my favourite Factory bands that were a blueprint for hundreds of cut copies during the 80's.The Wake hailing from Glascow produced some quintessential singles on Factory and evolved from early gothic New Order zealots to jangly etherial pop heroes.This kind of sound reached it's peak on their masterpiece of an album ''Here Comes Everybody" released in 1985.One of my favourite tracks of the album is ''O Pamela'' which is the perfect example of where bands like the Field Mice drew their inspiration from.


Arthit said...

Another Highlight, Another underrated bands. Yes i can see the connections to The Field Mice/The Orchids/Slow Dive and Saint Etienne.

Arthit said...

LTM just sent me the re-issue CD of "Here Comes Everybody". "O Pamela/ I have no soul/ I'm as cold as December/ Maybe twice as cold/ And I'm as white as the snow".