Friday, January 15, 2010

dr rob-with godz on our side

Dr Rob is one of those people that earns your respect quite easily with his really polite ways and a really natural unforced modesty when it comes to praising his work.Rob's Tokyo to Kissa hosted on Test Pressing was without a doubt one of my favourite mixes of 2009 and one that touches a certain chord in me every time i listen to it.The wonderful words that accompanied the mix describing Rob's adventures in Japan was reason enough to make this mix a special one.Rob's mixes are always top quality so when he offered to do mix for us i was more than happy to host it.Once again emotional,sincere and dreamy Rob delivers a spiritual take on balearism with the suitably titled ''With Godz on our side''.Rob posts some great stuff on Test Pressing and holds a great radio show on Samurai Fm that you can check out here.

With Godz On Our Side

Neville Brothers – With God On Our Side

John Abercrombie – Timeless

Stumo Yamashita – Native

Foxx & Guthrie – Stroboscope

Micheal Head – Queen Matilda

Ry Cooder – Cancion Mixteca

William Ackermann - Visiting

DSK – Winter Lane (Drumless)

Kajagoogoo – The Garden

Nabowa – Open:2 (Mudd`s mix)

Thermomoderm – Radium Writes Its Name

Eno & Fripp – Swastika Girls

Stephan Jurgen – Smiling Penguins


Arthit said...

Massive respect to Dr Rob. His mix is unique and full of unknown gems across the music spectrum. His Tokyo-to Kissa gets me going any time!

joe5475 said...


antonykein said...

what an amazing mix...full of unknown masterpieces...thanks for the melodies Rob....!!!!!!