Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here is a new mix i made last night while experiencing creative ''insomnia'' after drinking some Meisel Weisse beer.During my midnight travels i visited the French village Tourtour,listened to the song of a whale,i celebrated life,paid Dr Calculus a visit,chatted with Vangelis,tuned in to Minneapolis radio,fought under the sun with a french man,saw the ocean,wandered through Tokyo on high heels,and walked on air.Well that's too much excitement for one night i guess.


Bone-us said...

Orbtastic Christos x
Whats your thoughts on the new Gorillaz tune?

Anonymous said...

about 53 mn, the piano version? Who is the player? Many thanks!

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

plaidmusic said...

1.Mind Over Matter-Vive La Vie
2.Vangelis-We Were All Uprooted
3.The Verve-Feel
4.Dr Alex Patterson-Loving You Live
5.Dr Calculus-Moments Of Being
6.Etienne Daho-Duel Au Soleil
7.Simply Red-Picture Book In Dub
9.Soft Verdict-Tourtour
10.Ryuichi Sakamoto-Amore-Piano Version
11.Felt-Candles-In A Church
12.XTC-The Somnambulist
13.Single Cell Orchestra-Transmit Liberation
14.Lemon Interrupt-Minneapolis Airwaves
15.The Grid-Flotation
16.Seigen Ono-All Men Are Heels
17.Big Hard Excellent Fish-Imperfect List
18-Nick Heyward-Whistle Down The Wind-Instrumental

Arthit said...

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