Sunday, January 31, 2010

musica dal vivo mix

Internet..A good thing..where a lot of us find out
more about music,music that would probably not
have been exposed.
In the way for many of us to transfer sound files
ideas and,in some cases,important thoughts
about what we might have for dinner to the masses.
Whiskey..The role of whiskey will be made clearer
later.For now let me just say that it is an invaluable
asset to me in the creation of this mix.

Mixtape Musica dal vivo mix ENJOY


plaidmusic said...

1.Nils Petter Molvaer - Only these things count
2.Port Of Notes - Woodnote
3.Sting - I burn for you (live version)
4.Dreadzone -Love comes and goes
5.The Cars - Fine line
6.The Psychedelic Furs - Love my way 12' mix
7.Trio Zero - Twilight
8.Prins Thomas - Roma
9.Paradise Orchestra - Satisfy your dreams
10.Fleetwood Mac - Ricky
11.Chris Joss - Tune down
12.The J.Geils Band - River blindness
13.Ultramarine - Weird gear
14.Kanakas - Crosby
15.Bobby Reed - The time is right for love

Arthit said...

I can imagine Audrey Hepburn would undress herself over this lovely mix. Yes this time is definitely right for love.

jack_faith said...

when you say whiskey, you mean irish or the american stuff?? Or whisky?

plaidmusic said...

Jameson 15yr Old Pure Pot Still :)

jack_faith said...

yikes! You must know someone who works for jameson. You can't go wrong with Jameson whichever bottle you are drinking. The Redbreast goes down very nicely. oh and the mix is fine stuff. Love that Furs track. Thanks.