Sunday, November 1, 2009

paul loves manchester

This post marks the beginning of a massive special section dedicated to the sound of the north.Music,videos,info,articles and more on the sound that was forged in the industrial north of England.Based around the manchester scene we are gonna be taking a trip going round the chicago house influences,the acid flashbacks,the Sheffield steel,the Hacienda,the indie slackness of baggy,the productions of ''be music'',Mike Pickering,the balearic beat,Peter Saville,Gerard, and everything else that got it's way into this mixture we consider the sound of the north.The culmination of the celebration is gonna be next Friday's party a new bar called 6 D.O.G.S where we are hosting a night full of acid smilies and guitar driven rave.We are hoping to see some of the people who loved the real sound of Manchester and celebrate with us.I'm posting a really special song to set off this ''northern extravaganza''.This is ex Josef K front man Paul Haig covering Joy Division's hymn Atmosphere.Rave melancholy on a cover that has the classic stamp all over it and adds a whole new dimension on the original track.


Arthit said...

One of the best songs of all time covered by one of our unsung heroes. What more do you want? Timeless beauty.

plaidmusic said...

you are turning into a soulmate mysterious friend!do you have a facebook page or something?