Monday, November 30, 2009

anyway that you want me

Straying a bit off the track of the ''northern'' special i have been chatting all about lately,this a usual Monday afternoon post which usually is a bit more hazy ''blue''.The early recordings of Jason Pierce with Spiritualized have a certain feel that was never captured again in his long and really amazing career.Pierce is a personal hero for me from his early Spacemen 3 days but probably his first Spiritualized singles and especially the epic 13 minute single "Feel So Sad'' and the Laser Guided Melodies LP are top picks.This is a cover of the Troggs classic that adds a whole new dimension to the original recording.This is a remix from the 12'' version with some eerie radio voices in the background.


Arthit said...

This is such a sad, painful and druggy song. It makes me stop doing everything and contemplating the meaning of life or something metaphysics-wise! Guess it's time to call my "mantra" friend.

el jeffe said...

definately one of those "i need to call all my friends and family and tell them i love them" songs..

Anonymous said...

Love the remixes. Can you upload the entire 12"? I can't find the remixes anywhere. That would be really cool.