Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the north ''invasion'' to paradise

Great video about the early days of the Balearic scene in Ibiza.Great footage of the island before it became a chartered flight shithole for low quality alcoholic tourism.Terry Farley,locals and loads of early clubbers talk about the reasons that Ibiza became the Mediterranean equivalent to Manchester,the music,the drugs,the way the balearic scene differed from the scene back in the UK,how it feels having to talk to people on the beach after ''coming down'' from last night's raving.


Arthit said...

Brilliant C4 documentary. Plenty of freaky dancers, hippies, sunglasses, local natives and good music. Nice to see Boy's Own got big up, great 808 State performance. And A Man Called Adam's Sally is still lovely as always.

Arthit said...

Taken from Boy’s Own # 10 (Autumn 1990)

“IBIZA IS NOT…Tommy Mac and a lump of melon floating in a swimming pool, claiming to have discovered Ibiza in 1945 (which one was the lump of melon?-Ed)

IBIZA IS NOT…Some knob shouting “Manchester forking vibe in the area”. This is Europe not Hulme, Hackney or Huddersfield. Please leave your warehouse mentality back in Britain.

IBIZA IS NOT…four hundred English clubbers on a Jnr Gaultier style 18-30 trip.

IBIZA IS NOT…Some Ted playing K-Tel’s twenty greatest acid raves around the pool all day.

IBIZA IS NOT…coming off your moped at forty MPH.

IBIZA IS NOT…paying five mill for a big brown ‘un and feeling like you had a result.

IBIZA IS NOT…Cesare and Pepe turning your music down at the Ku.

IBIZA IS NOT…about theorizing and writing articles. So we’ll shut up and go back next year with just a couple of close friends and shares a spliff and a chocolate and brandy.”